I tried out the Stick gloves today. Me like! They were just about perfect in feel and ease of movement. No complaints. I was just doing some low amperage work, around 115a. I could tell they would be a little toasty when up around 200-300 amps. Maybe for next time, Miller could add a Nomex lined glove for high amperage work. Most of my stick work is in the 100-175a range anyway, so these are fine. If these hold up to regular use, I can see me getting more. Time will tell.

I also used the metal work gloves all flippin day. I do believe they are the best of the bunch. I was able to pick up stuff I usually couldn't with gloves...that sure was nice. They are comfy and easy to adjust...and they stay adjusted. I have an anti-vibe pair similar to the metal gloves. The velcro on them will drive you nuts. I am quite pleased with these and will definitely be getting more.

James, I'm not sure. I put it on the back of the hand area since that was where it was tight. If it is a glazing, it just might "rough it up".