I have just received my gloves and I have to say they are different from most kinds that I have used. I like the flexibility and how it is easier to handle materials. So far I have just used them for MIG welding. One thing I like to do when I have to go between welding and measuring and cutting materials is I use a lighter glove for my right hand which I use predominantly to hold the gun and a thicker glove for my left to steady myself and hold the piece being welded. I do it so I can use my pen or marker and hold smaller objects without taking my glove off. The smaller glove, materials glove, works well with this. Then I use the heavier MIG/Stick glove for my left. So far this works pretty well.
I like the smaller details in the design of the gloves like extra layers, padding, and stitches in certain locations. Its nice because it allows the glove to bend and flex easier while providing more insulation and protection in the areas that are more likely to be used. I even like the softer cloth material on the materials handling gloves so I can wipe my face or scratch my nose. It feels nice on the skin. All the gloves feel very durable and well crafted, but I don't know how well they will protect against heat because overall they are fairly thin. I guess I will find out later.