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    Default new tig for me: syncrowave 180sd? or dynasty 200 dx?

    hi all.. i have been thinking of getting a tig machine for a while now and both of these look like a good machine to me. i like the syncrowave 180 as it is cheaper than the dynasty 200, but the dynasty is so much lighter [and i could run it off 120v if i take it out of the shop]

    what are some other good and bad points of these machines

    most of my welding with it will be on mild steel from 20g to 1/4" and maybe some aluminum and stainless later on [i rarely work with either now]

    any comments on these machines from those who use them/own them???
    Nick Leinonen

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    i bought a syncrowave the other day and have no complaints yet, its a great machine
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    Dec 2005


    If you are leaning toward a Syncrowave, I would wait until the 200 replaces the 180 shortly. Looks like it has some nice features.

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    Oct 2005
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    I got the Dynasty. It's a great machine. Great w/aluminum being able to wide range adjust the freq for each different work desired. Nice to be able to run on 120 for light duty jobs. Low amp requirement to run, so does not need a dedicated electrical outlet. Cons...Dig deep into your pocket. If space is a premium an inverter is the your answer...HTH somewhat...
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    Default Syncrowave 180

    I bought the syncrowave 180 last year and I have been very happy with it. I am far from an expert, but I found it very easy to use, and I got great welds for a beginner. I don't have any experience with the other machine you mentioned. Keep in mind that if you want to weld thick aluminum, you may be pushing the limits of the 180. Aluminum sinks alot of heat. In the range you mentioned you will be fine. If you do weld thicker aluminum later once in a while you could just preheat to get by. If you can afford it I would go with the 250


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