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    Some of the guys I work with can make a mig weld look like a stack of dimes; one guy showed me how, said a lot of people would kill for the info- they weld in a triangular pattern. I just can't get the hang of it. But it goes something like this-Up, then diagonal down to the root, then back to the toe, then up again. Little overlapping triangles.

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    Ok, it's pretty easy to do, but not easy to master. Machine setup is key. The wire speed will have to be a little lower than you are used to. If you weld from left to right use a drag technique with the gun at about 15 degrees from perpendicular to your work. Start your weld, then perform small circles(rembember, traveling from left to right) in the counter clockwise motion with a short pause(you will learn it with practice) at 12 o'clock. Basically you are doing little curly Qs with the next circle starting out and coming up through the right, you should see the wire burn through the joint. Like I said before, propwer wire speed is key. If you are using .035 wire try voltage setting around 19.5 -20 and wire speed around 30 or so. The straighter you hold the gun to the work piece the prettier the result. Dave

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