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Thread: Newbie question

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    heyy matt .. is this regarding the trailer??.... if so all the welds on it are fillet and lap welds, no butt welds .. i have almost the same welder too and i just bevel the ends and put right together.. i've done this up to 3/8 thick tube witch needed to hold like 6000lbs with the little welder!.. that was before i got the 251 tho.. but it proves the little welders are a very good investment.. anyways if you have any questions about the trailer just e-mail me.
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    yes the gap makes it an open root joint. when done correctly, it will penitrate the back about a 1/16th. it should look like you ran a bead across the back side of the plate. when running mig, i knife the bevel. alot of guys put a small land because they run hotter than me. after i get the root and hot pass done i'll turn it up and go for broke. the root is the most important part.

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    Hey Bjorn, Not so much about the trailer. I just want to practise and do it right. But back to the trailer-I'm assuming the outside frame is mitered 45 deg. Would I also bevel the 2 pieces? It seems I may be getting in over my head a bit about this trailer. I think I will have to put it off for a few months until I am better at welding. I'm taking a class at the local college but they teach almost all oxy/act welding on thin metals(automotive). That's the only class offered in the state unfortunately. Iknow someone who has been welding for sometime, and when I build it, I'll have him over to supervise.
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