There was an excellent thread started last winter by Mr. Hall with pictures of everybody's rigs. We're still waiting for Portable Welder's pictures, I guess nobody's holding their breath.

Now it's time for details -- what do you actually carry on your truck, why you carry what you do, how you organize (or disorganize , as the case may be) to fit your work and clientele? We're all a little bit different, some of us do a little of everything, some of us specialize in certain types of work, some have rigs just to take care of in-house work on their own enterprises. Then we have the pipe welding rigs, which is an entirely different world, with their own specialized tools and layout equipment. We have big trucks, little trucks, and everything in-between represented here, I'd like to see them all, pickups, flatbeds, and utility vehicles. Smaller rigs would be particularly interesting, since with size/weight restrictions you would have to make harder choices, and maybe come up with some unique solutions.

I know everybody's busy right now, but I think it would be very informative and educational, and I'm sure in some cases surprising, to find out what different people carry on their rigs, and how. I'll try to get some detailed pictures posted of my rig and contents this week, it won't be "clean and sanitary", but as it actually is in the middle of a very busy time. I have also finished equipping my "welding skid", I think you will be very surprised how much can be fit on a 40" by 48" space.