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    Post Backing a Trailer

    Many people can not back up a trailer. No matter what kind of trailer. They also need to know what trailers are harder than others. Those people need to practice backing up. All that is needed is a clear area that is about 100 feet by 1000 feet. Red plastic cones can be used to mark a driving lane. If the cones are driven over they will not damage anything.
    Proper mirrors are the first thing needed. The mirror in the vehicle is for checking if you have grease on your face, stuff in your teeth, or some where to hang stuff on. Out side of the vehicle there is a mirror on each side side. These are the mirrors to be used for backing. Backing acurately at 20 mph with out a trailer should be easy. Practice!
    Over the road semi's have a 53 foot trailer and (NO) window to the rear. The folks that have driven these know this. A simple fishing boat trailer or a car hauler is (EASY). Hard is backing a hay wagon into a hay barn. Learn why!
    So after (PRACTICING) (PRACTICING) and more (PRACTICING) you become good.

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    I used to back truck&trailers up ramps into the belly of C131 and other USAF aircraft.

    You are right.


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    Could you make a diagram on how to back up

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    Arrow Backing Diagrahm

    A backing diagram can be displayed by me but it would only show which way is forward and which way is back. If that information is needed I can't help you.

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    I have found that for me at least putting my boat or trailer on the front of my truck and pushing it backwards works great, no practice needed as you can instantly get a 8' wide boat into a 8'2" space with no problem .
    Regards, George

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    Speaking of boats, when I was 19 I had come home from the service on leave. My dad had invited me to go along and pick up his new Searay, it was a 30' model. Well when we got home he tried a few times to back it into the driveway. The problem with the driveway was that it had two inclines, uphill going in and once in it dropped down. I was trying to tell him how to back it down into a very narrow driveway from a residential street. He said " if you think you can do this, go ahead.
    I assessed the situation with lengths and distances quickly, hopped in and on the first shot it was back and in. He was amazed.


    You must be talking about that USELESS mirror stuck to the center of the windshield. I hate those and none of my trucks have them. I only drive using the left and right exterior mirrors on the doors. If you DEPEND on that mirror, your trailer backing will be hindered. In fact if you know the width of the trailer and that where you want to put it is wide enough, you can do it with only one mirror.

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    Yup... after learning to back one trailer, one can add another, and back tandem.

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    Default Back9ing a Trailer

    Backing a trailer using a front mounted hitch is very hard with a plow mount on. If one lives were it never snows it's possible. I don't live in a constantly warm climate so it's not possible for me.

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    Default Trailer backing....

    First a story: My wife and I were team driving pulling doubles. I think we were going across New Mexico on I-40; I was driving and getting tired. I took an exit to park so I could wake up my wonderful co-driver. Too late I realized the service road didn't continue back onto the interstate. At the end of the off ramp the road made a 90 degree turn onto the overpass. The number one rule of team driving is don't leave your partner a mess. It is bad enough to be woken up after trying to sleep on some bumpy a** road without having to fix some problem left over from the previous driver. Planning to cross over and head back the other direction, take an exit and U-turn before waking her, I headed across the overpass. Guess what, there was no ramp on the other side and the road turned to gravel immediately past the overpass. Before I knew it, I was in serious trouble. I wound up having to back that set of doubles (which is actually three trailers, two 28' with a 7' in the middle) about a city block with a tractor that had a 23' wheel base. It took me over an hour to do it and by the time I got it turned around and back over the interstate, I was so mad I couldn't go to sleep. I was much more cautious where I exited after that.

    Next, a tip: When backing a trailer, put your hand on the BOTTOM of the steering wheel and move your hand in the direction you want the trailer to go. It works. Give it a try.

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    Smile Backing wiggle wagons

    Your are better than me because I can't back wiggle wagons! Tried but didn't do it.
    On a farm (not a road) I pulled 3 48foot trailers full of corn! This would have made the ausies proud.

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