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    Smile roll in boat dock

    i want to build a roll in type boat dock i have a idea on size i want to make it. it will be 4ftwide x 16ft long top rail is 1x2 rec tube and bott. rail is 1x1sq my big question is should i use 1/8 wall or go thinner with 14 ga.wall any ideas or sug.

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    I'm kind of new here, but is it just like an aluminum boat? how heavy is the boat? I always think of what size would work and the go up a size, just because then you know it's strong! It can always be too weak but can never be too strong

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    no it is just a boat pier with wheels on the front

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    Default boat dock

    A few simple calcs should tell you the answer.
    Figure out what your loads are going to be, multiply by 1.5 for a safety factor and use simple Trig to determine tensile loads placed on the structure. If you need hep there on many books on this subject, and that will give you a better answer then just guessing.
    Also what material are you talking about? Stainless or regular Red Metal?
    In either case, do your homework

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    Have you decided on the type of wheels/ hubs/ axles you'll be using for this?

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