pmac hi from pat in texas
if you have never listen to anyone else in your life do it now!
if you have a community college with a welding course in your area pay the small $ and go/ you will learn to weld the right SAFE way /but untill you decide just go by the school to visit and tell the instructor what you want to do and get to see what they do/ the tour is free and it might suprise you how down to earth and helpfull they are/i bought my first welder at 14 and have been in the fab business since/ i sold the business a few years ago and we moved to the lake/fyi i spent a few years trying to learn wood working to restore this **** house and boy did i buy the wrong equip. a few times/finally got the house done / got bored and enrolled in a welding class/been there 3 yrs, now (1 class twice a week) and learn something every day/bought a couple of welders and am back in the fab business again
after 22 years and loving every min./good luck a 60 year old student
p.s. i still have trouble with crown molding