Alright. Well the good news is that I got the parts to fix my Thunderbolt. Bad news I've got another problem. Maybe it's just the same- it won't work! I had to buy a new selector switch, fan blade and a amperage selector crank (with the little plastic gears behind it).

When I took the whole thing apart I made sure to label each cable and the corresponding lug/bolt that it was attached to. Remove the cable- put the bolt back. Seems like a good practice to me. Re-assembly seemed like a cinch. A bit of back story is that UPS butchered the welder in delivery. They had evidently dropped it or it had tipped over, turned the box it was in to mush so they reboxed it... on it's side. Of course crank side down so the front panel was dented to ****. Grrrr... and because of my "go get 'em" attitude I just ordered the parts I needed from Miller and went to it rather than go through all the red tape with UPS- including the long wait time. Pounded out the panels, reinforced the dented bottom with some 1x1 angle iron legs that sit in the grooves/runners formed into the bottom to keep them, well... formed rather than collapsed.

I think that all made sense! lol If it didn't just ask!! I guess it all comes down to my problem. I keep tripping the breaker as soon as I turn the machine on. I tried this at the County Garage where the breakers are pretty stout- they run at least one welder and a power tool on the same circuit at the same time. As a secondary realm of possibility I checked the extension cord I made along with the plug I put on the welder (for some reason it didn't come with one). Checked from the inside the machine to the far end of the extension cord. Continuity all the way through. The plugs are all rated for a welder. I don't know what else to check! Any ideas?? Can either of the transformers go bad, if so is there a way to check?

Thanks for reading my novel guys!