Today after mymath exam I went for an interview for a new welding place DME they do mostly stainless steele and mig and Tig welding so they offered me to come in like I was doing for my other shop and offered me there assistance to learn tig welding adn start on my log book skills. I am very happy about this They said they cant pay me unless I work for 4 or more hours because with the hour and a half they give me what can ya really get done? So I think I am going to go there im praying that it will lead toa summer job which they said could happen. I am also doing Cooperative education there for my second semester so I go for half a day and then i jsut go for my extra time after school not even having to leave Sounds like a good deal to me. They were saying they will do what they can to help me get into my college program if things work out for me while I am there because this place really is the shop of my dreams it really was the spitting image of it! I am one happy welder right now

Any advice about TIG welding will be greatly appreciated so I have the chance to try different things to see what works for me.