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    tbody321 Guest

    Default syncrowave 250 dx

    Im looking to purchase a synchrowave 250 dx and would like to know if 100 amps will be enough to power the machine. I currently have 100 amp service in my garage.
    thanks, Tony

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    Jan 2007
    Morris, Il


    For a 220 welder you will need 200 amp service.

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    You can find the info you are looking for in the 'service & support' menu at the top of this page. I run a Dynasty 300 off of 220 and a 50 amp breaker. Mind you, I don't use the machine above 200 amps, but the required breaker for the machine provides 65 amps at 60% duty cycle, using 250 amps welding current. If you have 100 amp service to your shop, than you should have nothing to worry about with the recommened breaker.

    Dynasty 300DX
    Esab PCM 1000

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    now in Orlando!!!!


    you will need a 100 amp breaker for 220 single phase, I have a synchrowave 250 and know, I rigged for awhile on 2 50's but was told that was not safe, on a 50 and a 40, one would trip. Good Luck, Paul

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