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    I have done lots of AL welding. Mig, Tig, gas and also a fair amount of AL brazing. The answer to your question is that everything else being equal, welding will always be stronger than brazing.

    Now, the question is, when is everything equal. A proper AL weld is more difficult (no matter the process) than a AL braze. So is a proper AL braze stronger than a poor AL weld? Very possibly.

    I do lots of AL brazing of thin AL sheet and in many cases, welding would not even possible because of the necessity of not melting the base metal and brazing is strong enough. But brazing large 1/4" AL plates would not be practical or in most cases, not strong enough for the application.

    But if you still find muggy weld fits all your needs, I'll be glad to pay the shipping charges for your welder.

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    Default Brazing Aluminum


    Another very important consideration for brazing vs. welding is fatigue strength . When most talk about strength, they are talking ultimate or yield strength . Fatigue strength is just as important in many applications . Brazing metals relies on lots of surface area adhesion to create the strength . But this is a surface effect and more highly stressed by fatigue loads . Don't get caught up in the "strength" contests of a welding process without asking all the questions .

    I remember using the "Alumiweld" rod for brazing some thin tubing . It was quite strong but failed quickly due to very little fatigue strength . Making a larger fillet, help slightly but you couldn't put enough rod on to get any real long-term strength .

    Brazing has its place, IMO, for less loaded or non-critical joints (and never for but joints) . Welding does cause the parent material to become weaker, but the fatigue strength may actually improve to the gain in ductility .


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