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    Default Chop Saw

    I'm a home hobbyist and had been using a Makita chop saw and High Speed angle grinder to cut my stock. Those days are gone for good, I bought a portable bandsaw that can handle up to 1 1/2 stock (

    I wear the same protective gear, the bandsaw blade breaking isn't as scary as a cutting wheel flying apart - had both happen...


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    Quote Originally Posted by edsonweld View Post
    you need to try the makita cold cut saw. It has a carbide tip blade that can virtually cut through anything. The salesman I bought it from said that in independent test, one carbide blade would equal about 60 abrasive wheels, just think of the money you would save! It cuts true everytime, and best of all, no dust in your lungs.

    Midland, TX
    I just purchased the Makita LC1230 colc ut saw too. I love it. Finally able to do nice miter joints!


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    How 'bout the JET wet/dry one? I think it goes for @ $700
    Do you really need it wet????? or is the dry one good enough?
    I'm not late...
    I'm just on Hawaiian Time

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