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Sorry to here you are having some troubles. Hopefully it will work out for you.
Thanks. Most of the problems I'm seeing are, I believe from reading up on other's experiences, pretty generic to this class of saw (you don't get what you don't pay for) compounded by my own inexperience.

The one problem unique to this particular saw is the motor/capacitor failure. I did find a proper size (35mfd) run capacitor in town this morning and even though it won't physically fit inside the motor's capacitor cover (temporarily held on with duct tape) the motor now runs fine, and the saw cuts quite well. A minor tweak here and there, and I think I'll be well pleased.

I do wish the motor were a CS/IR or CS/CR motor rather than a PSC motor. I think the starting torque is too low for this application. It seems to struggle a little getting things up to speed, but doesn't seem underpowered at all after getting everything moving.

Although the nameplate says 3/4 HP, with only a 5 amp draw, I seriously doubt it's delivering 3/4 HP to the output shaft. Never yet met a 100% efficient electro/mechanical device. I may upgrade it if I stumble across a properly sized CS motor at some point.