A few weeks ago I wasted some resources buying a HF Chicago Electric Heavy Duty Chop Saw. Other than being virtually impossible to set an accurate cut angle or cut square to the table, it's really a pretty good saw At least when you pull the trigger, the blade spins

Now, I've finally wised up and want to replace that POS with something that will not only spin the blade but cut at least semi-square to the table with a crosscut angle that's fairly easy to set and somewhere close to what's wanted. I'd like to get one of those 6" band saw's, but floor space is limited and I'm not quite disgusted enough to spend that much money (yet!).

I'm a "weekend warrior", farm/home, hobbiest type with no aspirations for any professonal production work. Applications would be mostly for small shapes; channels, angles, square tube, etc. no thicker than about 1/4 inch and mostly 1/8 or thinner . If you guys have any experiences, recommendations or reviews of metal cutting chop saws that might satisfy my wants, I'd really appreciate your sharing them with me.

Yeah, I know this is a welding forum, but I figure before you weld the pieces together, you got to cut them to size, right?