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    Red face Bought some old, but low hours,equipment,...

    Newbie here. Just bought a Trailblazer 250G with an HF box and an old Spoolmatic 3 gun.
    Question #1: Does the Spoolmatic plug into the High Frequency box, HF-251D-1?

    Question #2: Is a spool gun and a wire feed box two different designs for doing the same thing?

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    question #1 = i dunno...
    question #2 = it pretty much is the same way of doing things. I see the spool gun as a way to mig weld aluminum tho. But if i had a engine drive i would use a spool gun insted of a box feeder, it's cheaper and jus seems more practical to mee. Can you get extentions for the spool guns tho? you know?
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    Unless that "box" is a WC-115 which is the box you need to run a spoolgun on a trailblazer. It runs the positive lead into it and runs of of the 110v circuit also. It should never be ran thru the freek box tho.

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    The HF box is for TIG.....nice find...
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    Do not hook up the spoolmatic to the hf box,the spoolmatic was never designed for or needed high frequency.The older spoolmatic 3 will be a direct hookup to your engine drive 14 pin,no extra box needed.The newer spoolmatics need a w115 or whatever box.Just trying to help.
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