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    Default Insurance Blue's

    I'am Trying To Find Some Affordable Insurance For My Welding
    Buisness.but I'am Not Having Any Luck Either Everybody Is
    Totally Out Of Line On Thier Prices Or It Does Not Include
    Garage Keepers.i'am Between A Rock & A Hard Spot What Do You
    Guy's Think.

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    Keep looking for a carrier, or hump up & pay the piper.

    Insurance is always high for a new business with no track record of being accident free,, or lawsuit free.

    Such as it is, pay what ya gotta pay, then try to charge enough more for your work to cover it while staying competively priced.

    In that situation, I don't see many more options to pick from.

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    I doubt we'll see either of their likes again".

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    Insurance is always high for a new business with no track record of being accident free,, or lawsuit free.
    Each state's laws are different but there may be another option. Make yourself judgment proof and then do without. Once you become established insurance should become affordable and you can then run with the big dogs. Just be careful if you go this route, you don't want to have to explain to the wife and kids why they are living under a bridge. Good luck

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    So how would you even get on somebodies property?? Judgement proof?? Are you referring to a legal document?
    What about becoming bonded?

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    Try asking your local business association or Chamber of Commerce about membership and their insurance programs.

    I have a 8 year track record and never been sued, never had a work place accident, never had a customer injury.
    I pay about $200 a month for my coverage thru Grange. But I had to put up lots of fire extinguishers, first aid kits, eye wash stations and a few other things that I can't remember at the moment.

    Plus I had the local fire chief come over and gave me an inspection, which he passed me, but also gave me some suggestions to make things better. Plus a telephone within close reach is not a bad idea either.

    Also your insurance carrier may ask if they can check your background and maybe your spouse's background. Most things don't really count after 2 to 3 years, but your agent may not tell you that. These checks are both credit and criminal checks. Being judgement proof means that you have a recent bankruptcy and having no property what so ever in your name. BUt you will never be able to get a SBA loan or a bank loan for your business.

    Or your agent will just ask one or two questions and give you a great rate.


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    being judgment proof is having no assets in YOUR NAME. Then if you are sued and someone gets a judgment, you have nothing that can be sold to satisfy the judgment. That also means that you can never own anything in your name. Doctors used to put everything in their wife's name, not sure if they still do it.

    Here in TX your house, motor vehicle, couple guns, horse, household goods, tools, wage garnishment, and some other stuff are exempt from judgments. Each state is different on the rules. i have a couple judgments against deadbeat renters and those judgments along with 50 won't even get me a cup of coffee in this state. TX is considered a debtor's state and I always seem to be the one that rents them a house.

    Obviously, if you want to sleep well at nite it's better to have the insurance coverage. If you choose the "self insured" route you would be solely responsible for any claims made against you. If you do good work and customers are satisfied then the insurance thing should never be an issue. You will also lose a lot of work because you don't have the necessary insurance.

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    Wink Insurance

    Do you know there's an insurance policy available for every phase of building and launching a sattellite? The thing is that it's so expensive, nobody buys it. Think about it. Also, can you set up your buisiness as an LLC so nobody can get your house and personal stuff should they decide to sue you. Anybody have an LLC who can shed some light on this? I do not so don't take my advice as law but sometimes you gamble depending on what you have to loose.
    Matt Adams A&P, IA
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