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    Default New Bobcat 225 making it last

    Its in I got the new 2007 Bobcat 225 with the Kohler 23 hp, w/quick disconnect cables "so they dont walk @ night". My question is to make it last longer i'v heard to run the engine to break it in @ what engine speed and for how long. Iv read the manual front to back, but i guess this is just like a new truck they wont tell you what to do to make it last longer just where to go when you need to fix it. anything or idea to make this one last longer would help.

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    Default Break in

    Probaly would be best to change oil after 10hrs, usally they put a break in oil in them at the factory I personally don't like to weld the machine until it warms up. I think that really helps on engine strane. covering it up when not using it espially in cold, dusty or rainy conditions will help, espially the paint hope that helps.

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    Just make sure the machine gets a chance to warm up before you start welding. It doesn't need to be long but I've noticed my Trailblazer likes it much better when it has had a chance to warm up.

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    Have a load bank put on it....any powergeneration repair place can do it.
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