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Thread: Pipe Templates

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    ndodds Guest

    Default chop sawing/ notching tubing

    Try the Link.......lots of good info including what angles to cut depending on tubing size.

    Pirate 4X4 has lots of good stuff (even if your not a 4X4 guy)

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    Try "The Pipe Fitter's and Pipe Welder's Handbook" by Thomas W. Frankland
    ISBN0-02-802500-8. It's got tons of great information in a little 3x5 in book.
    I'd be interested to see that program that will print out templates though especially since I have to do some pipe welding in the near future.
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    Cool Pipe cut outs

    Try this site plate 'n' sheet developement

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    Another great reference book is The Pipe Fitters Blue Book by W.V. Graves.
    ISBN 0-9708321-2-5.

    Use it along with The Pipe Fitter's and Pipe Welder's Handbook that Aircraft Welder recommended and there isn't anything that you cannot do with a piece of pipe. The two books compliment each other very well and are very useful.
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    Default Template online software

    If you need printable templates go to

    and they will create a printable template

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulrbrown View Post
    too bad you can't just buy a bag of pixie dust or something and go wala....
    oh BUT YOU CAN...
    my daddy always said i was IRONHEADED....
    feel free to P/M me

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    Are you doing tube framing, or pipe welding. I just assume you are talking about gas line or the like. For anything standard (T saddles and such) pipe wrap and quarter marks are the fastest way to do it, at least for me. I was doing some 2" gaurds for the pig launchers/receivers and I made a PVC template for the saddles. I just took a piece of PVC about 6 inches long and a rasp and made a perfect template that you can draw on with your soapstone. Works pretty good, but only for the little stuff. Anything over 2" I still go to the pipe wrap.

    For the odd stuff like 45's you can take an old face sheild and trim it to make your template. Use your blue book to get you close, then trim to perfection while you make your fist one. Still have to shape up your fist one, but after that you'll have a good pattern. I had a bunch in the truck. My helper goes through a ton of face sheilds so I never am short of pattern peices.

    BTW, any work down there? I'd like to get down there for the winter, but I don't really have any Texas numbers, only CO and WY contacts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulrbrown View Post
    That Pipemaster is slick, but a 12 inch is 700 clams.....I have used the 2 inchers, they are handy.....too bad you can't just buy a bag of pixie dust or something and go wala....can anyone post pictures of the divider way???? I am still kinda unclear on what was written, I once bought on of those all purpose wraparound gizmos, but lacked the grey matter to figure it out. Thanks, Paul
    Pipemasters are great when your fence is going uphill or down and the fence sizes are $100.00 or less

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