So I figured id start a new project this year, makin a lamp for the front yard of my parents house, which im currently residing at. using my 225 amp ac/dc lincoln, was plannin on gettin a miller thunderbolt but I dont make enough $ to buy one in a reasonable amount of time... maybe later... heres a few pics of it about completed.

Please note that the pictures arent the best due to that it was dark outside when I shot these and it was in my garage driveway.

the best top to bottom shot I could get, the bottom part which looks like rocket fins is the base and will be burried. Yes that is scrap steel from the shop I work at

another view not the best. The long piece of pipe is 2 1/2 inch, cant remember the thickness, and is about 8 ft long, on the bottom base, a bracket made from 2" pipe which I had torched some grooves in it to go into the base and welded in to hold up the long pipe.. on top is a lamp, which will be attached to a 4" peice of 2" pipe I welded onto a octagon box cover and was all the bushings and crap for the wire to pass through to the octagon box. on the bottom will be an outlet in a weatherhead box

Thats my Lincoln welder, cheap but does a good job, not miller good though. and the green coveralls in the pic are my high school coveralls, but I got a nicer set now. when I get every thing somewhat finished im gonna re-inforce some of the welds by taking them to the shop I work at (wisdom industries) and flux core mig the joints then paint the post black. im not the best arc welder so ive been workin on gettin good at it. mig im gettin good at, and tig the one we had in the ag shop the freshman always busted it so I never got to learn. When I finish this ill post some pics of it in broad daylight andtry and show some of the welds for your viewin pleasure... try not to bag me to much on it