When you are talking about cored wire, I assume you are referring to self shielded or "Innershield" wire because your 210 won't have near enough output to run dual shield effectively. My advise would be to stay inside and use solid wire whenever possible around the farm. When you have to be outside, here are some things to consider: research what type of cored wire you are using carefully and taylor it to your needs; many of your more common innershield wires are NOT designed for multi-pass applications and result in a brittle weld if used for such. I would reserve the cored wire for lighter work unless you make sure to get the right stuff. Also, a little more skill is needed with cored wire when welding out of position. MOST (not all) cored wires need to be run uphill to produce a good quality weld. My personal opinion is that a good engine driven stick welder is more versatile for farm use unless you have a nice shop to work in.