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    Default Milliermatic 350

    I recently got a 350 at work and always did 95% stick so as i try different things with this my major challenge is finding the right settings for 1/8" stainless? cant seem to get the wire speed and amps right? it wants to blow through??? any tips

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    Default Stainless MIG welding

    Stainless, really? I assume you use stainless wire, right? I'm curious...what do you build? We have Millermatic 350s at school...does your have the pulsed MIG? As far as welding 1/8 stainless there's an online calculator on this website which should get you in the general area. All I could say is turn it down, get some scrap and dial it in.
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    This might help. From
    I to had to reduce the v. and w.s. for HR w/c25, I do love the 350P and the Bernard Qgun.
    Good luck

    Quote Originally Posted by Gary View Post
    Nice looking work Kevin. We get calls from customers with the MM350P on stainless who are getting poor results. In alot of the cases they are useing the standard stainless tri mix (He/Ar/Co2) which is good for the short circuit transfer but will never work for a spray or pulesed spray transfer.

    The mild steel programs were done with 90/10 ar/Co2 and the stainless programs were done with a 95/5. We have found argon/he/co2 tri mixes work very good also. Argon is the major gas here, between 60-70 % Ar, about 1 or 2 % co2 and the rest helium. If you only want to run one gas on both mild steel and stainless try 95/5 Ar/ Co2. Again nice work, looks like you understand how to set it up, lay down some nice looking welds.


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    Default Thanks!

    I will check into all that and thanks for your help. I work at a sewage plant and we do alot os stainless, I always used a stick but why not take advantage of a new machine. in due time i will get it right! and yes i do have stainless wire and shield it with stargon! have the aluminm push pull gun also and it works great!

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