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    I have a red one about like that, I would have to say yours is nicer though.

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    Default Great job you did

    Gary, I've not seen the professionals in my area do any better. Superb job!
    Is that a miller Blue? I've not found any paint to match Miller's.

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    ajcalla Guest

    Default Flag Fire Water Bottles

    I notice you have Flag Fire water extinguishers.
    This may not apply to you or you may already know this.
    There has been a recall on Flag Fire Water extinguishers purchased between 2003 and 2005. See link
    Really nice trailer also.

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    Thumbs up

    Very nice Job, I make my living fabricating custom projects and I must say yours looks very nice. I can't say i've ever had the pleasure of building a welding trailer but I have built my share of custom trailers. If I may, I will post a pic of a blue trailer I built.
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    Default Copies of plans

    Please email your cad copies plus cg calcs. Thanks much in advance.
    Gary McBride

    Quote Originally Posted by garybdavis View Post
    The hitch on the back is for towing another trailer or mounting a vice. I put a connector back there for hooking up trailer lights just in case I take it on the road with another trailer hooked up. Most likely, this would be my trailer mounted Ingersol Rand air compressor for arcair applications.

    I did a scaled CAD layout complete with dimensions before I started construction. I also did front-to-rear center of gravity calculations to insure the tongue weight would be balanced. If anyone wants copies, email me and I'll send them to you. The CAD will be in PDF format so you wonít need special software to view them. The center of gravity calculations are in an Excel spreadsheet.

    Davis.garyb<at>gmail.comxx is my address. Youíll have to insert the @ symbol in the proper place and remove the xx. I write it like this to keep the computer trolls from pulling it off this forum and adding it to their spam list.

    There are eight-ways-to-Sunday to lay out a welding trailer. This one doesnít have it all, but I like itís simplicity. It rarely leaves the farm and will spend most of its working life welding fence bracing, corrals, etc.

    BTW, Thanks for all the kind compliments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by garybdavis View Post
    I hope I haven't led anyone astray, but I'm what you guys would call a hobby welder. I do a lot of fence work around the farm and that's what I built this rig for. I know I couldn't justify the expense, but nice tools and equipment is my one vice. If I were making a living, I'd probably get a dedicated truck and outfit it.

    This leads to question. How many welders that make their living from it use a trailer set up verses a truck rig?
    I like the trailer idea way better however if you ever drop your trailer in town you should have a trailer wheel boot so nobody can hookup and take off.
    there is no such thing as I will only be a few minutes my stuff should be okay
    I'm only getting a coffee.

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    Cool Trailer plans

    Gary I tryed to e-mail you about your plans. But your Email address is no good. You did a really great gob with your trailer and would love to get a copy of your plans. Keep up the good work.


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    Give me your email address and I'll get them sent to you.
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    Home Made Welding Trailer

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    Default Plans


    Absolutely love the trailer. I am looking to build something similar for my AEAD 200 LE. I will email for the plans.


    Millermatic 210
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    Default trailer plans

    e-mail to


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