First of all, thanks for the input. I think I've somewhat talked myself in a particular direction. I'm going to kinda layout my business plan for the next couple of years and somebody stop me in they see a major red flag

Right now I'm doing business with a ranger and and a 3500. I've kept the ranger because I had it and it was payed for. It has been my errand truck. The 3500 has been great, but it's not big enough to pull what I want to eventually do and I don't like the idea of squeezing an 8X8 flatbed into a spot at the mall.

Any of you that are self-employed on here know that one of the great things is that your personal and professional lives don't have real clean cut boundaries. You also know that one of the worst things is that your personal and professional lives don't have real clean cut boundaries.

So, here's my idea. Sell/trade both the ranger and the 3500 and get a new 3500 crew cab, short bed, single wheel. I'll build a 6X6 custom bed to go on the back. This will take care of the errands and personal transportation as well has handle the low end of the equipment needs. I've already pretty well developed a good trailer system for the different job needs. That way I can just hook on whichever trailer is need for a certain job (welding trailer, enclosed for carpentry, dovetail for tractor, GN for loader and so on). After all, when you figure the true cost of two pickups (insurance, maintenance, and the lost time/expense of driving back across town to get the whatchamacallit that was in the other one), a little savings on fuel isn't that big of a deal. Then, once that is set up and functioning, I'm just going to bite the bullet and get a "real" truck. Probably pick up a used (but decent) dump truck with a pintle hook, or maybe a used single drive day cab tractor to handle the heavy moves. With that style of truck I don't have to compromise on whether or not to get air brakes, what size truck, trailer, can I work off the bed height...... I'll just find something with a 3406 CAT/13sp road ranger and call it good. This way I'm somewhat streamlining things and providing better definition of equipment usage.

I'm at that point in my business that I'm either going to nickel and dime things or step up to the plate and pay with the big boys. I've already got $100K of my own and $300K of the banks turned into it, so what's a little more?

Of course this all is dependent on what the next 9-12 months of business is like and a thousand other factors. But, you have to at least have a plan and goal or otherwise you're just flying blind and end up in chapter 13 court.