This isn't quite a welding question, but I think there will probably be some folks on here that could help me make a decision. I'm looking at getting a new work truck here sometime this next year. My question is do I stay with the one ton heavy pick up chassis, or step up to a small, low profile class 5 truck. I was looking as something like a 4400 series International or one of the business class Freightliners. I would want to spec it out with no more than a ten foot flat bed with all the usually amenities such as GN ball and tool boxes. I may even go ahead and recess mount a winch in the front of the bed and possible a rolling tailboard. Right now, a 3500 will do just fine, but I was thinking down the line for pulling some bigger trailers and equipment. One of the major drawbacks would be maneuverability on some job sites and the fact that I probably wouldn't be able to afford 4WD on the bigger chassis. Just thought I'd see if anybody on here has made that transition before and what your opinion would be. SSS