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Thread: Flash Burn?

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    Quote Originally Posted by R W View Post
    Cold tea bags can be used to help relieve pain if nothing else is available.
    There should be a cream or drops on sale at chemists for this problem.
    Have been told a quick direct look at the sun, on receiving a flash will
    prevent flash burn,I have done this many times and have had no problems.
    Looking at the reflection of welding of a bright surface,like corrugated
    iron can result in a bad flash burn.

    R W
    "A quick direct look at the sun...will prevent flash burn" you are a raving idiot! That is like saying that if you get a slag burn, you should just hit it with a blast from your O/A torch. Like more burn will take away the burn! The folk remedies posted here are downright scary! Get an opinion from a qualified professional!

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    An old friend told me about his always carrying the head of a ball peen hammer on his belt.
    When his eyes got hot he would put the flat end against his eyes to soothe them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TomVeatch View Post
    You don't need to shut your eyes tighter - you need to wear your helmet. Don't get caught up in some kind of macho nonsense about not using safety equipment. "Macho" don't help you carry a white cane!
    Quit watching those stupid TV shows where no one wears a helmet. Don't do as they do do what's right for your eyes. Those type of TV shows should be banned unless they are using the proper safety equipment. Wear that HELMET!!!
    The definition of courage. "It's when you know you're licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and you see it through to the end no matter what." From "To Kill a Mockingbird"

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeswelding View Post
    "A quick direct look at the sun...will prevent flash burn" you are a raving idiot! That is like saying that if you get a slag burn, you should just hit it with a blast from your O/A torch. Like more burn will take away the burn! The folk remedies posted here are downright scary! Get an opinion from a qualified professional!
    Plus your really screwed if your working the night shift or it's a cloudy day...then you have to call in sick...tell them your waiting for a sunny day so you can go outside and stare at the sun to relieve your flash burn...
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    Default flash burn

    i have been a welder for some time now and gotten flash burn 3 times twice when i first started and once welding next to other people on a line with no curtain. it feels like sand is in your eyes and burn like **** but what i use was potatoe slices, believe it or not it really does work. it draws the burning feeling from your eyes. just my 2 cents.

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    Post burning eyes

    In my early days of welding (back in high school), I did not like to wear a helmet when tack welding. I was getting flash burn to extreme levels and often. I would wake up in the morning and not be able to open my eyes due to all the hard crusted eye-goobers on my eyelids. I am thankful i did not do any Permanent damage! One of my methods for healing was to put antibiotic ointment on my eyelids…it is made for minor burns. Found that it would heal in about 24hours. I finally got smart enough to wear a helmet. Helmets are made for a reason….Where them!
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    Forget those quack remedies, or old welding bushman tricks, and get yourselve's some naphcon eye drops to immediately alleve the pain and burning, and then go out and get yourself some common sense about welding without a hood.
    If you want peace, be prepared for war!

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    Just keep in mind that the only thing I can think of being worse than dumb, is being dumb and BLIND.

    From some of the comments here, it sounds like a few have the first down pat.
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    Watched my Granpa weld one day when I was 6 or 7. That night my eyes were like they had knives stuck in them and had the worst headache ever. Folks had to take me to emergency room to get pain shot. Learned the hard way. Yeh! I still tack every once in awhile without the helmet....lazy.

    My biggest thing is grinding dust. My eyes are in misery after a good day of grinding. Even use a face shield. Dust just drifts up and under or the grit richochets up under it. Looking for some desert goggles that fit tight and are dust proof. I have a powerful magnet out of a computer hard drive that I keep around has saved me a few times, but a chance it's a carbide grit too.

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    The majority of welders get flash burn due to indirect exposure.
    UV radiation (the cause of the whole problem) bounces of from walls, surfaces etc. etc.
    Some materials cause much faster flash burn then other materials.
    Copper (brass) and Aluminium are some of the worst.
    Never think your safe when you stand in the area where there is some welding going on.
    Also a lot of welders are still using the wrong grade of shades.
    Flash burn will leave a permanent mark on your eyes.
    Always use the proper PPE and don't take any risks with your eyes.

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