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    Default which drill press

    was just woundering what was some of yalls opinions on makes. i want a floor model either a 16 or may b a 20. i dont need one thats overkill but one that has a little a$$ behind it. also wanted to say keep up the good work. also to all on this board i would like to say thanks for the help and knowledge also all of yall have inspired me to go back to school. i start my tig class monday. ive been welding for 6 years years on a dredge but nothing was done on a code level so the school will be my start to a real welding career. i have my own small business mostley small stuff. cages 4 bushhog tractors and trailer repair. also i am only 25. but its never to late to learn to weld .

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    I'm trying to think just exactly what size my floor drill press is. It's one of the bigger Deltas. I ran across it as a close out floor demo a few years ago for about half price. I jumped at that one for sure. Anyway, if you really want to make it useful, add a cross slide vise to it. I have this one It costs as much as the drill itself, but has been more than worth it. Good luck on the school. The more you learn, the more possibilities you can pursue. Oh, 25...shoot you've got the whole world in front of ya. I'm 30, started my own business three years ago and am just starting on an engineering degree. SSS

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    Quote Originally Posted by dredgewelder View Post
    also i am only 25. but its never to late to learn to weld .
    Lord, I hope not! I'm 64 and started my first welding class last Thursday (No co-ed's, durn it!). Figured it was about time I learned a trade!

    I have a 16" Jet floor model that I bought for my woodshop. I'm pleased with it - for both metal and wood applications.

    I second the motion on a cross slide table and a drill press vise is an absolute necessity!
    Tom Veatch
    Wichita, KS

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