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Thread: bobcat 250 tig?

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    airborne_14j1p Guest

    Question bobcat 250 tig?

    Hi guy im new to this site. I get out of the military in 2 mth. I have a bobcat 250 what do i need to buy to be able to do stainless steel TIG and Aluminum TIG? I am a certified welder and when my wife gets back ill take some pictures of my Aluminum TIG welding for you all. Anything will help alot.

    This really isnt about welding to much but i was wondering. I want to start a business of my own when i get back to NC. I know how to Airbrush, paint cars, weld Aluminum/stainless TIG/ Fluxcored/MIG/Gas Weld/ Stick and Stud weld and Cet. in all. Do you all have any good ideas of what i could do. I really dont want to end up in walmart giving out shopping carts lol. Thanks alots guy and ladies.

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    Edmonton, Alberta


    Well if your a certified welder and happen to have your red seal,ie, being able to weld in other countrys then join a growing work force in Alberta Canada.

    Average wage for arig welder is 90 - 125/hr. Always employed, even the dumbest of welders are hired here.

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    The book says you'll need a HF 251 for arc starting in AC for your aluminum tig. Of course you will need the torch assembly, gas, reg etc.

    BTW: Thank you for your service to the country. I assume your with the 82nd. "All the Way" from an x-jumper.

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