I know; rogers sugar starts at $32.10,I think its AIT areospace starts at $34.54, Janox hydraulics starts at $28.00, Optimil starts at $25.00, there is another areospace shop in delta on river road that starts at $31.10
hey youngwelder_154 we have a rookie at our shop he took the the pre - apprenticeship course at BCIT we pay him $16.50 hr, but he probably wont go far here attitude Now having said this there is alot of shops out there that do pay $8.50 to $14.00. At one time you asked someone about going to alberta or BC to work I would get my welding and fab training in Alberta Because there system is I think the best in Canada for just so many reasons ask around
However leaving home is hard to do but we all do it at one point in time and your not leaving home forever..