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Thread: Gas Tank Repair

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    Welding on a gas tank is no more dangerouse than driving a car. As long as folow proper proceedure you wont have a problem.
    Just as many people before me said, remove the tank, remove the fuel, wash out with water and detergent, leave the water as high in the tank as possible, which may mean capping some of the holes so the tank can remain full. ( No fumes no explosion,) however beware to make sure that there arent hidden baffles that hold fumes, purging the tank with co2, nitrogen, or argon is another way of displacing the fumes.
    When I weld on natural gas lines, I shut the gas off, disconect the line at the meter, install caps on the ends with smaller fittings and purge with nitrogen. Once again its about follwing the proper proceedure.

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    Thanks again guy's, I know $1000.00 for a gas tank what a joke. The tank is in one our delivery trucks at work.


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