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    Default Why are there two boards? Ask Andy, and Projects

    I'm fairly new here so please excuse a dumb question. Why are there two boards: "Ask Andy" and "Projects"? I know the titles imply different subject matter, but when I read the posts, both boards cover the exact same sorts of questions. Don't get me wrong, both boards are great and this is exactly the sort of stuff I want to read. I just don't see why it isn't all on one board, or why I had to register twice. I'll go mind my manners now. --- thanks.

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    Great question, I have often had the same thought?

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    Oct 2006


    In reality I beleive the intent was to have two different boards.....

    ASK ANDY - for Motorsports

    PROJECTS - for general welding project related topics

    It's not the fault of Miller that the two boards blended together, it'd be users posting. Oh well!

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    Post Two Miller Boards

    The first thing you learn is that nothing is easy. Miller's software allows multible boards. Back when they were new they were very differant. Now (who) cares.

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