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Thread: I'm a beginner.

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    Default I'm a beginner.

    I need to build a small yard leveler that I can pull behind a small (15HP) garden tractor. Anyone out there know of any designs or plans for one? Sure could use your help.
    I am a Miller/Hobart fan. Bought a 625 plasma cutter a while back and really like it. I am currently using a friends Millermatic 175 but am in the market for a Millermatic 210 or a 251. Just saw the DVI on Millers web site. Any thoughts and advice for a rookie is appreciated.
    Always trying to learn.

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    Just a suggestion but you might want to go to your local garden supply, hardware stores, tractor supply, etc. (with a digital camera if they don't mind) and look at the levelers to see the different designs they use. You might come up with your own plan and have a better idea of what gauge metal to use and how much. When you do locate some plans you will be more familiar with the build up. I say this from experience.

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    These things are engineered????

    Dang. We just made a triangle with the apex pointed to the tractor out of heavy straight stock, even a couple pieces of cutting edge we had laying on the scrappile. Dragged it around a little, decided it needed more weight and just kept tacking more scraps onto it until it did a good job...

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    I would go to the farm supply store and look at the designs there and modify one of their designs for your purpose. Good luck!

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    Default *****???

    This may go against the fabricators spirit but unless your a landscaper by trade or just have a incredibly lumpy yard, wont it be easier to rent one for a day?

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    I'd go to a garden/lawn center and take a few pics and if the guys asks what your doing say your comparing against someone elses. The 210 is a great machine, i love mine and wouldn't trade it in, i don't need to upgrade to a larger machine because i go to my fathers shop, just sold him an XMT456 with an S-74dx wire feeder so i think i have the heavy stuff covered . Good luck with the project.


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