I have a shed about 150 feet from a utility pole. The pole has a breaker panel servicing the house. I want to buy a Miller stick welder for use in the shed with a max DC weld of about 200 amps (for rare instances, mostly though I'd be at 150-180 amp settings).

A few general questions to get me in the ballpark before I start talking to electrical contractors and shopping for wire, breakers, panels, etc.

First, what size wire does it sound like I'd need for the 150 foot run from the pole to the shed ? I would not be running anything else in the shop other than a few 100 watt bulbs while welding (mostly ranch stuff- tractor mods, etc.) and think the duty cycle would be fairly normal or low.

Second, what kind of buriable electrical conduit should I be looking for for the run to carry the wire ? What's it called and is there a specific number correlating to the wire size you're running through it ?

And finally, would there simply be a subpanel and single additional breaker at the utility pole, and then another subpanel with additional breaker at the shop ?

Is there any website that gives tables of wire gauge, amperage and distance ?

Thanks for any general information on this kind of setup.