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    Oh trust me I know exactly what you are saying...they have their place..just limited. I hope nobody takes offense to my opinion here. I just find myself wanting more everytime I use it. I'm sure the 220v. versions are better and if had a choice I would have one of those instead but then it wouldn't have been a gift then would it?

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    Default Hh187

    I decided to stop overthinking things and just went ahead and got the HH187.
    While to deifference in price was the final deciding factor, I just felt that I needed the range of wire speed that this offered. I went onto a couple of different forums and the Hobart 187 seemed to get the best reviews. ( although I even started looking at the HTP which went down to 7IPM)

    Hobart forum was raving about it ( as expected) but eben on the Miller forum there seemed to be more people pushing the HH187 than the MM180.

    So I bring it home and get it set up. just to make sure it was working I pull out a bit of 1/4" angle and strike an arc w/o even looking ( like I said just to make sure it was working). **** w/o looking I was able to run as good a bead w/ ideal penetration.

    I should have bought a MIG 15 years ago.

    This weekend I will be experimenting w/the thin stuff.

    Underwater welding--- you jump in the water with the electrode. then when you are ready they drop the ground clamp into the water next to you and turn on the welder.

    One funny story is when I was welding some plates on the inside of a barge. the electrolysis caused the water to seperate into O2 + H. as the Hydrogen would build up if it collected yiu would get tiny explosions.

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