Although I have been doing stick for years and even done some underwater welding when I worked as a commercial diver , I am a newbie to MIG. I am currently in a steep learning curve.

Looking to possibly buy the MM 180 but after doing the research I have a concern. I am curious about why when Miller came out with the 180 the wire
speed changed so dramatically
MM175 20-700 IPM
MM180 90-700 IPM

I would like a versatile machine that is capable of welding thicker material, but my primary focus, and the majority of it's use will be doing body work with 1/16" steel so my concern is over the wire feed speed. At some point there must have been need for a speed as slow as 20 IPM as that is still the norm on all of the other machines ( both smaller and larger than the 180)

I have spoken with one welder from a Miller "authorized dealers" and he seemed to feel that 90 IPM would be too fast and would burn through light steel.

I know that this is going to be a stupid question but does anyone have an opinion on this issue?