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    Default Kohler / Robin On a Bobcat 225 WHAT SHOULD I BUY?

    I have heard from a few mechanic friends of mine that Kohler is the way to go. But I also heard from a friend of mine that Onan Company bought out Robin, and in the fire service all our generators are Onan and I'v liked them so far. I am going to buy one for christmas probably try to get a deal on a "2006"
    I run in hot hot deep south texas heat so I want a engine that will keep up please tell me your thoughts and if ANYTHING has changed with the Robin / Onan thing. Plus does anybody know whats new on the bobcats for "2007" ?

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    Default what should you do ?

    I got a 97 model bobcat,and up to now i do not have any problems.
    At work is what we use and believe me they go thru alot of wear and tear.
    They leave those machines out where the sun and rain gets to them.

    P.S.I'am from Tx.
    Laredo,Tx over here gets pretty hot,i don't know how
    far south from laredo you leave

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    Either one will do just fine. The Onan name was purchased by Robin and was dropped a bit ago and are now just called Robin. Both engines have been around a very long time and have good records. Here is the best way to do it...find out what kind of support you have around you. Some have found that the Robin filters etc have been hard to find in their area. Kohler is easy. Matter of fact, I got my last oil filter from Home Depot. Don't bother Onan/Cummins for Onan/Robin/Subaru parts...they won't have any. Tha rebadged engine with the Onan label is a Robin engine all the way. The only Onan part on it is the name.

    When I ordered my TB302, I originally wanted a Robin. When we checked availability, the Kohler was all I could get fast, so I went with Kohler. So far, I am pleased with it. Don't see why that would change.

    '06 Trailblazer 302
    '06 12RC feeder
    Super S-32P feeder

    HH210 & DP3035 spool gun
    Esab Multimaster 260
    Esab Heliarc 252 AC/DC

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    I heard kohlers were easier to get parts for too. I got a 2006 bobcat 225 three phase so I could run a three phase millimg machine and a three phase aluminum mig I got for nothing. So far so good.

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    I ordered my new Trailblazer 302 yesterday with the Robin engine simply because I have had experience with Robin engines in the past. The Kohlers are OK, but I had one on a Lincoln a couple years ago that wouldn't run for nothing. My vote is for the Robin.

    BB Farm Supply

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