So happens I was out to dinner last night with some friends. One of which just happens to be a retired machinist and lead tech for a machine tool manufacturer. I mentioned your situation to him. After a brief "been there, done that" chuckle, he did have a suggestion. He said that in some cases they were able to bore through the piece and back into the main casting and bolt the broken part back on either with a bolt and nut, or by boring and tapping an acceptable area of the machine. You could either bore from the front and bolt back into it or come from inside the machine and tap into the broken area. This is very subjective to each case as far as what will work. He also mentioned that if you bolt from the outside in to counter sink the bolts if possible. Use this along with the epoxy/body filler/sand/prime/paint idea. I think I would make sure and use some red thread locker as well. SSS