I have recently come across an older lathe that has an upper corner of the casting broken off. Looking into the broken portion of the casting I can see the gears and internals. The piece that is broken off does not effect or have any relationship with the accurancy of the lathe. It is just the top corner portion of the casting. My question is if I attempt to weld the corner back on (it broke away very cleanly and fits perfectly back in place) will the added heat to the surrounding cast iron walls damage the gears or warp the area out. The thickness of the area that is broken off appears to be around 1/2 or more. Again it is not in a critical area of the lathe but I don't want to have weld material falling into the lathe gearing. I plan on grinding the weld off and contour the repaired corner to match the rest of the machine. I have not purchased the lathe yet, but if the repair could be done, I'll probably buy it. Your thoughts.......gear