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Thread: Pick your brain

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    Aug 2006
    near rochester NY


    is this the first and only role of wire you are having the problem with ?? i had a role that was baddly roled and would stick on my once, i rolled off about 20 ft and it was obveous the way it was hanging up, put in a new role and all was good. it happens some times. if the spring on the ground or work clamp is good i would take a look at the wire roll, some times they just wind wrong.

    he is using c-25 gas so i dont think its flux core wire.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped

    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
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    I am using solid wire .035 this thing has been doing this for months we have just been spoting up the hole and grinding them, but the I think the guy that does touch up and grinding is getting tired of doing it LOL. We use a 44# spool of wire every two days also I have tried different brands of wire like lincoln, prostar and others I cant even remember I am currently using esab wire. The welder is A millermatic 300 usually set at 640 on wire speed and I think 25.somthing on heat.So it is doing A serious amount of welding. I think it goes back to somthing with the ground as I tried another welder on this same fixture with the same results.

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    Happy Holidays Iron Man.

    I understand the government/DOD part of your company's work. Let me refraise what I said.

    Watching a video of the process together with your welding engineer should give both of you some insight into what is happening during the welding process, especially if it could be viewed in SUPER SLOW MOTION (like NHRA drag racing on ESPN2).

    Is there any way you could attach a jumper cable directly from the work piece to the ground clamp and still use the rotating fixture? This would rule out the rotating fixture as the source of the problem if you still get the same results. If this doesn't work, the problem may be with your machine or the spool of wire you're using.

    Wire size inconcistency and/or rust spots on the surface of the wire could interrupt electrical conductivity at the contact tip. I'm guessing your wire is in TOP SHAPE.

    Good luck,
    Hot Rod.

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    Default pick your brain

    Hello Iron Man,

    Just wanted to know if you were able to isolate the problem of the pin holes in the welds by running the ground wire directly to the work piece, instead of going through the weld rotating fixture?

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    Hey I have that very same problem but I'm using flux core .045 hobart XL71


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