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Thread: plasma cutter

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    For a quick and dirty air dryer, coil up about 10 to 15 feet of 3/8 copper tube to fit into a 5 gallon bucket, fill with cold water or ice water, have an air/water separator with a bottom drainc0ck on the line coming out. Leave the drainc0ck slightly cracked so the water drips out.

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    I have hypetherm's900 and 1650, also draggoon 38 and lincoln pro cut 50. All depends on your process. I use the drag gun for my on site stainless kitchen work and my hypertherm 900 for my cnc work. you cant' introduce hi freq into the pc from the plasma cutter or your looking for program problems. The hypertherm that Pile was talking about is a great choice. When deciding on a machine you have to look for a few things. First throw out the maximum that it will cut. You are better off looking for duty cycle and pierce capabilities. My hypertherm 1650 is rated at 1.5" thick cut on mild steel ( better off with a torch ). But you have to edge start and in the practical world that just doesn't happen all the time. The 1650 pierces 3\4'' plate and that is what you need to look for as far as what a plasma cutter can do for you. Cost of consumables, service life of a tip and electrode, high freq. or contact start, cost of machine and the list goes on. I have been cnc burning parts going on 12 years and moved to plasma about 6 years ago. My 900 is still going strong and i have my tips custom made and drilled to the size orifice that matches the amps that i use for the required plate thickness. You can make your tips and electrodes last a long time with a bit knowledge. I get way over 700 Pierce's with my electrodes on my cnc machine on 14 gauge plate with a travel speed of 82'' a minute at 45 amps. You need to start your travel while your piercings to keep the spray for blowing back into the tip. Hope this helps. Did i mention dry air. Don
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    Default Plasma Cutter

    The Spectrum 625 is the Plasma Cutter I own. It has served me well in all the projects I've done. I think any cutter you get should be "Stand Alone" in that it should require a seperate compressor which means you can use your compressor for other things and not just for the cutter. Another consideration is moisture in the air you use. The 625 has a small seperator built into the system. I found this out only after purchasing a full sized moisture seperator for my system. In case you are not aware of why this can be a problem, it is that the compressed air passes over some sensitive circuitry and can cause premature system failure. So when looking at a cutter and compressor consider the moisture problem.
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