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    Question What kind of filler rods do I use???

    I use Flux-core wire what kind of filler rodd do I use ,coat hangers ? or 1/8,3/32 and do they ever go bad and where do I get them ? Sears?,Homedepot?,WHERE????

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    umm buddy are you sure you want to start a busness? You dont use a coat hanger for flux cor welding. You should really read up on your stuff before you start it. To answer your question wear you should buy them? it woudlent amtter a coat hanger is a coat hanger. A filler rod is only used for Oxy/fuel, and TIG welding.
    Thanks for reading I hope my post helped


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    Default Extra filler Hmmmmm

    Filler metal.

    Well, let's see. I don't Mig or F/C weld, but there have been plenty of times I've knocked the coating off a rod and used it for extra filler. Having said that, don't use coat hangers. Coat hangers were once made out of decent metal, no more. I have a stash of old ones in case I get desparate. LOL.

    If your running an FCAW process and need more filler, why not use more of the same wire that your running? Seems to make sense to me.


    P.S. I really have that stash because I am the consumate pack rat, not because I fear manufacturers will suddenly cease to make filler rod.

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    (Old) coat hangers are made of a higher tensile material than RG 45. They may work well for exhaust tubing, but they've out lived their time. Keeping some around is good in a pinch, but if you are looking for fillers to match base metals, do some online research.

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    i just don't understand your question.

    if youre runnin wire, why do you need a rod? your wire is your filler metal.

    are you looking for a rod thats sorta like flux core? then try a 7018 rod and the size depends on the thickness of your base metal.

    try asking youre question again sometime, you might reword it though.

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