I'm a hobbyist taking a class at our local tech school and have become totally obsessed with TIG welding. I simply must have a machine for the house. I've considered the Lincoln PT225 then focused on the Miller Sychrowave 200 and last nite really began considering the Econotig. I mainly mess around and restore old motorcycles just for my own use so I have the need to do light steel and aluminum work. Thru one supplier I've talked with I can get an Econotig rig for about half the cost of the SW200. Don't think for a minute that I wouldn't love the SW200 but I have to keep things in perspective. So, any opinions? The Econotig has lower duty cycles, less power and can't drop the amps as low as the SW200. Also, no pulser and no pre-flow. Will I hate the thing or want to get rid of it in 6 months? I figure that if I spend this kinda $$ on a welder I want to have it for years. My dad has a Lincoln AC225 tombstone that's almost 40 years old and he's never wanted anything more. That's the kind of machine I want to buy, one that I'll have no regrets with. What do you guys and girls think? thanks!