I think we need to share some success stories about our Miller welders and equipment. I have a Miller AEAD-200LE that was built in 1979. I purchased this welder new my freshman year of high school. Mounted it on a 1946 Chevy pickup that I had sitting behind the house to get me by until I could afford a new truck. Drove the '46 until Dec. 1985, when I purchased a brand new '86 Chevy Scottsdale 4x4 1-Ton with a 6.2 diesel and 4-speed. I used the welder to build a custom flatbed for the truck and then mounted the welder on the truck. I was living in Ryegate MT at the time, and traveled all over Mussellshell and Yellowstone counties doing odd welding jobs. Then moved to Kenosha WI (taking the Miller of course). Used the welder to put up my own 120x240 building. Then built several custom welding beds for people all over Wisconsin. Finally settled down in Shattuck OK with my two wonderful daughters and the girlfriend. The welder has countless hours on it and the truck just rolled over 346,000 miles today. The only work ever done to the welder was routine maintainance and I only had the truck in the shop to replace a clutch. Very impressed with both Miller and Chevrolet.