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    Default Material for a small ramp

    I saw a small (approx. 1 foot long) ramp in a motorcycle rag. The purpose of the ramp, is to function like car ramps you use for working under the car. When a motorcycle is chopped or lowered, you can not longer get a lift jack under it, so this small ramp lifts the bike about 3 inches so that the lift can slide under the frame of the bike again.

    I want to build one of these. Considering chopped bikes run about 500 pounds, and full-dressers that are lowered go up to about 750 pounds, what thickness of plate should I use? Of course, the ramp would only have to support a fraction of the total weight, and since it usually goes under the rear wheel, it get the "lighter" end of the bike.

    Attached is a picture of the one I saw that I want to use as a template.
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