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The owner's manual states 70 To 875 ipm wire feed speed. At a zero setting you should be getting 70 ipm and at a 10 setting, 875 ipm. I would expect it to be a linear progression in between. If that's true, at a 5 setting, you should be getting 502.5 ipm. You can verify that by using the technique gordfraser posted.

I dunno, that doesn't quite make sense to me. It seems that IF the progression of wire speed is linear, figuring out what a "5" means might go something like this:

Since there are 11 numerical settings on the 30A, including the the "0" and the "10", then "5" is .4545 of maximum. Multiply .4545 times 805 (possible inches per minute settings between min of 70 and max of 875) and you get about 366 ipm. To 366 add 70 (baseline minimum) and you get the answer that "5" = 436 ipm.

Does anyone know for sure if 30A wfs settings are linear?