I've been reading your stuff on here for a little over a year now and decided to join the board. I've been welding now for about a year also and I AM HOOKED!!! I mean i've got it bad. Everything i look at i imagine layin a bead on it, my wife thinks i am crazy A guy i know loaned me a Lincoln 225, all his grinders, ox/cet, drill press, etc. 'cause he never uses it. Needless to say i've burned quite a few rods trying to gain experience. Well i will be purchasing a MM175 in a few weeks to be able to weld under 1/8" stuff. Once again, thank you "veterans" for offering your experience on this board, you help alot of guys like me! PS-I am self employed doing mostly carpentry and motorcycle painting, but would love to make some dough welding. If any of you have any ideas about some welding projects that would pay off, send them my way.