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Thread: Car Dolly

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    Default Car Dolly

    Hi, I am new here. I was wondering if anyone has any easy, workable plans for making a car dolly (a short trailer that holds the front wheels of a hauled car).
    Any help or hints are appreciated!


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    U-haul and a digital camera, and a few quick measurements should get you about where you want to go. I've built several pieces of equipment using this technique. A log splitter, a trailer, and a couple bumpers for trucks. I get the basics from what has been done and is proven then make the design my own.

    Hope this helps,

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    Pjs right, Just swing by and look at a few. I made a few of them in the early 1980's. I used 3x3 angle for the tires to drop in, i think the frame was 76" wide between the fenders. The frame was just the 2 pcs of angle with the points up and frame ends also from 3x3, a tubing tongue and an axle welded underneath the angle frame. The fenders were welded to the frame ends. Simple...Bob
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    The u-haul piece is really wide, when I used one a while back it felt like it was over 102" (I know thats the legal limit). It also has a pivot point which makes it pretty much unbackable with a car on it.

    If I built one I would make it relatively narrow so its easy to get around, no pivot point, and I would place the car tires somewhat in front of the dolly axle so there is some kind of tongue weight on the truck, that is a big problem with dollys, no tongue weight so they can get kind of unsafe. I would use a drop torsion axle w/elec brakes because thats simpler to build than a sprung axle.
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    Default tow bar

    if u are going to tow the same vehicle most of the time get a tow bar ,usaly u can even make your own brackets.

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