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    Post New To Welding or don't know!

    Many things have been welded by me and I've got the time to help any one to get the right stuff and learn how to use it. I can only Braze, Solder, Stick, Mig, and Tig. So if you need to know what to buy and how to use it , say so! I've been reading all kinds of stuff on this board and guys think if your welder is blue or red there is a difference. I say bull , I mean baloney! The folks from blue have known how to do it for decades!

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    Nov 2006


    I say differance is best spelled difference. I am not a school teacher but I appreciate all the positive advice I get from the BLUE and RED boys and girls who support this site.


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    Cool Difference versus Differance

    I'm sorry if I spelled difference wrong. But compared to all the garbage spelling of words on this site I'm not too bad. My welders are BLUE and red and orange.

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    Sep 2005


    I really dont think that people care that much what color the machine is or how good or bad our grammer is. We pay attention to this site to help each other out and get help. Sometimes we show off work we do and other times we admire others work.
    As far as the boys from blue being around for decades, ya so ? Lincoln didnt just enter the market last week either.
    oldsmobile was around for decades (I think) where are they now ? Hundia just entered the us market and they are filling a void. Point is most of the big names make good products
    I own both, got no gripes with either brands. If I bought a new machine today it would be a miller unless hobart or lincoln gets my attention with a new product. Then again maybe it would be a hypertherm ?
    Thats my take on it, of course everyone is welcome to disagree with me if they choose.Just keep it to yourself !(thats a joke)

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