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In your limited experience with your limited skills you have had better results with Miller, that I would believe.
The MP-30 is a CV unit only, so no it does not weld stick or tig. However what it does do, it does do very well. It has the capability to run very low voltages for fine short circut trasnfer but also has the ***** to spray in a beatiful bead on thicker material. As well, they are extremely durable, in fact it is amazing that they actually work, much less work as well as they do. No they do not have any fancy features such as pulsing, but I have not found a need for such features. The only down fall is the fact that they do not have digital meters, and the old analog gauges are long gone. (They have had more than a few less than pleasant trips on the forklift I would surmise. Coincidentally, I think digital meters were still on the drawing boards back in the early 80's when these machines were produced.

Perhaps I should not have used such an "absolute" statement, however where I have grown up we use such langauge as a figure of speech. Am I saying that this is the ultimate machine for everything, no. But if I needed to weld together two pieces of metal using a wire feed process, this welder would be my first choice. In case you are wondering, yes I am biased towards Blue. I learned to weld on Blue, come from a mostly Blue town, and find blue works best for me. I will not apolgize for this, but keep in mind this is my opinion.

Lastly, to Fat_Fab.com, I would like to apologize if I have come across as arrogant or an a**, this is not my intent. I simply found your original comments a little insulting considering I only posted to express My Opinion. No hard feelings on this side.